SACOR, the Saudi Company for railway services established the International Academy for Railway and Advanced Development (IRA) in June 2012. The academy has opened its door to all individuals, from young students to corporates.

The academy offers in-house practical training which covers four different areas: signalling, heavy track maintenance machines, hand-held track maintenance equipment as well as a simulator centre for train driving. Adding on to this, students will receive high quality education which will be delivered by a field of experts who bring in not only national but also international expertise.

This recent development comes at a perfect timing as it is believed that around 80,000 railway staff will be needed in the Arabic Gulf countries (GCC) for various railway projects which are currently live. The Al Etihad Railway network plans to link all the GCC nations, which is evident through current projects which are in the planning stage and even at a further stage. These projects, however, require specialist railway staff in order to ensure quality and efficiency. This is where the IRA comes in. With the provision of specialised training it is believed that live railway projects can be completed efficiently and Etihad Railway can continue to accommodate the needs of thousands of rail passengers.

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