Despite the fact that we live in the XXI century and the current progress with technology is beyond anyone’s expectations, most of the railway courses or degrees around the world are still being offered as traditional classroom-based courses. But with more and more online courses and digital learning tools available it is just a matter of time (and money) when railway courses will start being offered with an online or blended (online & classroom) teaching approach.


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of South Carolina (USA) started offering a unique Railroad Engineering Graduate Certificate, which is delivered online. This 12-hour credit online course is aimed at engineering graduates, young professionals (junior engineers in the rail industry) as well as engineers interested in joining the rail industry. The course is also offered to engineers looking for a Continuing Professional Development opportunity. There are various core and elective courses to choose from, such as: Railway Infrastructure Planning and Design; Railway Operations and Logistics; Research in Civil Engineering; Management of Human Resources and many more.

Entry criteria for the course are a BSc in engineering or a significant work experience in rail engineering, but applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.


To find out more about the course visit the University of South Carolina website: 

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