One of Russia’s biggest railway companies, Russian Railways, has partnered up with Anglia Ruskin University in training of its staff. With over a million employees, the organization recognises the importance of investing in the training and development of its staff, both from a technical and management perspective.

The deal signed in August 2013 has seen the UK University provide management training to Russian Railway’s senior executives at the company’s own corporate university outside Moscow. Academics and experts from both universities have come together to develop a learning programme for senior executives covering a wide range of topics such as project managements, cost and revenue generation management, risk management, innovation management and efficient decision-making.

The training agreement is expected to train 25,000 staff over three years, thus highlighting the magnitude of this project. Mr. Yakunin, President of Russian Railways, who places great significance on the partnership, recognises that “the best business practices are produced in close co-operation with reputable academic schools and experts in the field of knowledge management”.


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