With the development of social media railway companies alongside other businesses are searching for new ways to promote their work and attract new young talent. YouTube is one of the social media websites that railway companies currently use to promote their work. Some of the biggest names of the industry are now actively using YouTube channels to not only demonstrate their products but also to encourage young talent to choose a career in railway.

For instance, BombardierRail has one of the most active channels in the industry. The company uploads the videos demonstrating the functioning of all their new products alongside with videos that showcase different jobs inside the company, with the employees providing insights into their responsibilities and the benefits of the job. BombardierRail also decided to create videos that show the company’s dedication to sustainable work and corporate social responsibility and promote various projects aimed at improving the life of the community and the state of the environment.

Such method of promotion, used also by for example Hitachi Rail or Alstom, not only better showcases the products and services that the railway company provides but it can also highly improve the public opinion that exists about the company. It may also encourage young graduates to choose to work in the railway industry by showing current employees and letting them share their own experiences and opinions of the jobs that they hold. The use of YouTube channels in the railway industry may thus turn out to be highly beneficial to the businesses and perhaps even raise levels of employment in the sector. While creating content for this social media may be more costly than creating content for some of the other social networking websites it is defentiely a good way of engaging with the general public and potential railway man and women of the future.


You can see the examples of the use of YouTube channels at BombardierRail, Hitachi, and Alstom’s official YouTube pages.