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Network Rail sets target to increase female employees to 20% by 2020

Only one in five women are currently employed as engineers in the UK. To combat this Network Rail has set itself a target to increase its take-up of female employees from 16% to 20% by 2020.

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High-speed rail link does not need border checks

Wang Mengshu says joint customs and immigration is unnecessary as ‘one country, two systems’ is only transitional in the province of Hong Kong

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Automatic train operation: the future of UK mainline railways?

Technology, it is said, can improve the rail industry’s performance and make it more competitive, particularly against the automotive sector, which is pushing hard on autonomous cars, and trucks, which could gobble up more of the freight market.

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The role of simulation in ERTMS training and system design

Paul Boyle, head of ERTMS at Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC), discusses the role of simulation in ERTMS training ahead of this year’s ‘ERTMS and ETCS 2017: The Future of Railway Signalling in the UK’ conference.

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4th UIC World Congress on Rail Training 2017

Less than 3 weeks to register for the 4th World Congress on Rail Training!

The WCRT will be held at the DB Akademie, Potsdam/Berlin, Germany, from 5 – 7 April 2017, and is organised by UIC and its partners, DB Training, Learning & Consulting, FS and SNCF.

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'Walking buses' and council housing: a wishlist for world cities in 2017

As we’re all too aware, 2016 has been a strange and news-packed year.

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