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Monorail: pie in the sky?

Over the past few years, monorails have turned from amusement park fixtures to a potential answer to chronically overcrowded cities around the world. So what advantages do they pose compared to traditional rail systems, and who is currently pushing to commercialise the systems?

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UK Signalling - A 2017 update

It is nearly four years since Rail Engineer reviewed the state of signalling within Network Rail and much has changed in the intervening period. The organisation is now different and a more pragmatic view is being taken on the deployment of new technology.

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Transport digitalisation and its impact on railway station innovations

The world of transport is undergoing a digital revolution and railway stations may be a key platform for the implementation of new innovations. A project undertaken by the Transport Systems Catapult is seeking to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in this space.

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Be involved in the Railway Talents Project!

Following us on Twitter, joining our LinkedIn groups, sharing news, events, resources & job opportunities, suggesting ways of improvement or even becoming an ambassador: there are many ways to be involved, do not wait any longer!

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Fighting fraud

Late last year, a team at the BBC bought a first class ticket from Hastings to Manchester and a monthly pass for the Gatwick Airport to London route; nothing remarkable about that, at first glance.

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Rail safety benefits from learning from history

Rail companies can manage their risks better by heeding lessons from the past, from overseas railways and from other sectors, says rail industry body, RSSB.

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