RRUKA Annual Conference 2017 (UK)

16th Nov 2017 - 16th Nov 2017 http://www.rruka.org.uk/events/rruka-annual-conference-2017/ Annual Conference

Rail Research Association in the UK (RRUKA), which is a partnership between UK's rail industry and universities, is having their 6th&nbsp;Annual Conference which will take place in London on 16th November 2017. The event will offer opportunities to network, learn, share, and meet rail professionals and academics.</p>

Location: London, UK

Details: http://www.rruka.org.uk/events/rruka-annual-conference-2017&nbsp;</span>

Foto source: RRUKA website (</em>http://www.rruka.org.uk/events/rruka-annual-conference-2017/)