Laura Fortunato (Italy)

  1. Name: 
    Laura Fortunato (Italy)

  2. Job Title/Company: 
    Proposal Manager

  3. Qualifications: 
    M.Sc. Management Engineering with focus on Project Management

  4. Career: 
    market analysis and business development, overseeing proposal process from lead identification to proposal development and contracting.

  5. Why did you choose to work for the rail industry?: 
    Moved in another city for University studies, above all other forms of long distance transport, trains are my favourite. My customer experience stimulated my interest and curiosity in rail industry and I appreciated the various set of opportunities and transferrable skills which could be carried over working in the rail sector.

  6. What inspired you at the time and what influenced your choice?: 
    I was attracted by the innovation capacity of the railway sector and by the role of railways as crucial enabler in contributing to development of Countries.

  7. How does it feel to be in the rail industry? Are your expectations fulfilled?: 
    I have a chance to travel and work in different Countries. This experience gives me an opportunity to come into contact with different cultures and get to know different ways of working to gain ambitious projects. My expectations of constantly improve in everything we do and collaborative work are fulfilled.

  8. What are the challenges?: 
    The key challenge is creating collaboration and establishing partnership to exchange know-how, skills and experiences to develop complex, sustainable and innovative infrastructures.

  9. What is a talent? Why the rail industry should engage with talents?: 
    Talent is the ability to move forward with passion, enthusiasm and determination having a vision (dream) and being open minded, transparent and genuine.