Lynne Milligan (UK)

  1. Name: 
    Lynne Milligan (UK)

  2. Job Title/Company: 
    Customer Services Director/ Arriva Trains Wales

  3. Qualifications: 
    BA (Hons) Sociology

  4. Career: 
    early career in frontline customer service roles, moved to vocational training and HR, now back in Customer Service

  5. Why did you choose to work for the rail industry?: 
    I came to the industry by accident, looking for temporary work. It was so varied and the work was so exciting – I stayed!

  6. What inspired you at the time and what influenced your choice?: 
    It was not a conscious choice at the time, however the industry offers a wide range of careers. I’ve had many interesting roles and worked with many inspirational people.

  7. How does it feel to be in the rail industry? Are your expectations fulfilled?: 
    I have had a very fulfilling career – and I have never been bored!

  8. What are the challenges?: 
    It can be a tough environment as our service runs round the clock. It can be hard to switch off as I want us to run the perfect service.

  9. What is a talent? Why the rail industry should engage with talents?: 
    Talent is… being the best you can be... combining energy, skills and motivation… talents inspire more talent.