Marin Marinov

  1. Name: 
    Marin Marinov

  2. Job Title/Company: 
    Group Manager, NewRail

  3. Qualifications: 
    PhD in Transportation

  4. Career: 
    Rail Academic

  5. Why did you choose to work for the rail industry?: 
    I graduated from a Military Railway School

  6. What inspired you at the time and what influenced your choice?: 
    Stability and Security

  7. How does it feel to be in the rail industry? Are your expectations fulfilled?: 
    A bit limited I would say. Rail is not always a priority.

  8. What are the challenges?: 
    To make rail a priority and promote its credential; To innovate and modernize Rail; To make it a preferred industry to work for.

  9. What is a talent? Why the rail industry should engage with talents?: 
    Talent is: You’ve got the ability and skills to do something well and you have not been trained for this.