Matheus de Oliveira Lima (Brazil)

  1. Name: 
    Matheus de Oliveira Lima (Brazil)

  2. Job Title/Company: 
    Railway Inspection Engineer

  3. Qualifications: 
    M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, UIUC (USA)

  4. Career: 
    I have started my career at a young firm offering track inspection services to the railway industry in Brazil. Additionally, I manage a platform for technical knowledge about the Brazilian railway

  5. Why did you choose to work for the rail industry?: 
    I strongly believe in a prosper future for my country. A more robust railway system is the first step to alleviate traffic in highly congested roadways and increase logistics efficiency.

  6. What inspired you at the time and what influenced your choice?: 
    A relentless search for a worthwhile field of work/study where I could make the difference for the next generations.

  7. How does it feel to be in the rail industry? Are your expectations fulfilled?: 
    Not yet. I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be.

  8. What are the challenges?: 
    In terms of Brazil: Historical burden: different gauges, highly degraded infrastructure, unprofitable lines, lack of skilled workers, among others.

  9. What is a talent? Why the rail industry should engage with talents?: 
    Talent is… someone with passion to improve the current state of its working field. A person capable of achieving high goals with limited resources.