Yang YU (China)

  1. Name: 
    Yang YU (China)

  2. Job Title/Company: 
    Project Manager, Railway Technology Research College, China Academy of Railway Sciences

  3. Qualifications: 
    Msc in Management and Human Resource Management BA (HONS) Business Studies

  4. Career: 
    International coordinator; research and development.

  5. Why did you choose to work for the rail industry?: 
    Luck, real luck!

  6. What inspired you at the time and what influenced your choice?: 
    The reformation of the Chinese railway industry, with more challenged work.

  7. How does it feel to be in the rail industry? Are your expectations fulfilled?: 
    It is nice to have opportunities to meet international railway colleagues.

  8. What are the challenges?: 
    Work in high-pressure environment, the challenge is how to manage time efficiently and effectively, work-life balance.

  9. What is a talent? Why the rail industry should engage with talents?: 
    More and more cross-country co-operations is carrying out, talent means the ability of understanding and adapting different cultures. Talent is also integration; it has become the trends of integrating rail resources in all rail aspects.