Fachhochschule St.Poelten

Matthias Corvinus-Str. 14
Mr Georg Barta
Academic Director/FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing.
+43 676 847 228 711

General information

Year of establishment :2008

Mission statement :
Our bachelor study program aims at providing a possibility for railway workers to improve their career chances by acquiring an academic degree, as well as for young people after their secondary education to start a career in the railway sector. An additional Master program will be provided from autumn 2011.

Ownership :Independant Company

Training courses open for other companies : Yes

  • Main areas of offered training/education :
  • Operation Management ;
  • Infrastructure

Policy and Accreditation

Do you hold an ISO certificate? : No
Is there Competition regarding your courses/education programs? : No
Accreditation as a vocational school by an independant public agency : Yes
Licenses to offer courses which are approved by an independent agency : No
Do you plan to seek accreditations within the next 3 years? : Yes
If there are planned accreditations, which : specific Austrian accreditations
Special courses for instructors necessary : No


3 main areas of offerings/expertise (and share in %) :

  • civil engineering concerning railway lines (40%)
  • railway operations (40%)
  • signalling and safety measures (20%)


Wants to cooperate with other European institutions/organizations to :

  • exchange lecturers/expertise ;
  • exchange students ;
  • exchange experience in e-learning ;
  • share experience in pedagogics ;
  • share experience in implementing systems to improve the learning experience ;
  • share developed systems (i.e. CBT modules/solutions) ;
  • obtain best practice ;
  • participate in "best-practice-investigation"