Kasetsart University , KURail

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Kasetsart University is a public university where bodies of knowledge and research potential have been continually accumulated for nearly seven decades.  Now, as a national research university endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education of Thailand with the vision to become “the world’s leading research university in agriculture, food, technology and innovation”, Kasetsart University is ready to drive to our major goal as a leading university and to deploy networks for the accomplishment to be a world class university in the near future.


General information

Year of establishment: 1904

Mission statement :

Kasetsart University gathers wisdom and knowledge, creates and develops varied bodies of knowledge, and forms people who are intelligent, who think rationally, who behave morally, who are conscious of the common good, and who produce high standard work capable of competing in the world market. The university manages its resources efficiently, joins in the development of the community, and is responsible to society so as to serve as an important instrument in ensuring the well being and security of the country. 

Planning and execute, with company's means as well with the help of external organisations and institutes, the traning program in differents topics in order to answer the company's needs.

Ownership : Public University

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Policy and Accreditation

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