Whether a weathered  professional or a beginner, there are many ways you can contribute to your development and that of the Railway Talents community: curating and sharing information, organising events like webinars, mentoring other members of the community, attending events and courses, etc..

To start your journey in the Rail Talents network you can:

When more advanced you can:

  • Volunteer as a mentor to support the professional development of members of the Rail Talents community
  • Join the ambassadors who are taking responsibility for the promotion and development of the Rail Talents community

Your participation and contribution will be recognised with badges delivered by the community — you will also be invited to recognise the contribution of others! The recognition by the community of Rail Talents should contribute to advancing your career.

Railway Talents is a network of railway professionals and academics supported by the International Union of Railways (UIC) aiming at developing, recognising and celebrating the talents contributing to the advancement of the knowledge, technology and practices in the railway industry.