Whatever your interests or qualifications, a career in rail offers you size, locations and variety unlike any other industry. Rail is an industry that contributes billions of dollars to the world economy. For example in the UK Oxera has estimated the economic contribution of the industry:
  • The contribution of the industry and its  supply chain, namely is the employment  of approximately 212,000 people, the generation of £9.3bn in GVA each  year, and the provision of £3.9bn of tax revenue. Importantly,  the tax contribution almost exactly offsets funding provided by government to the industry;
  • Up to £13bn in benefits to passengers and freight users a year;
  • Up to £10bn worth of additional productivity in the economy which arises  through the impact of the rail industry on
    other sectors of the economy (source Women in Rail: Industry survey-

Rail literally has an A-Z of careers that gives you the ability to really design your career. Whether that is one chosen career path or to seek out a range of flexible and varying career pathways depending on your interests and ambitions.

The rail industry provides a wide range of opportunities from train drivers to tradespeople to engineers and customer service. There are opportunities for a professional career in marketing, sales, human resources (HR), training and development, work health and safety (WHS), finance, administration, legal, and information technology (IT) as well as a construction, operational and infrastructure careers.

Rail Career Matrix

Examples of job roles according to domains of activities and level of responsibility. For more job roles, you can explore the different domains.


Infrastructure Director

Vehicle Director

Operations Director

Signalling Director

Commercial Director

Administration Director



Infrastructure Planner

Vehicle Design Engineer

Timetable Planner

Signalling Planner

Sales Manager

Administration Manager

Group Manager


Track Inspector

Maintenance Engineer

Train Crew

Signalling Inspector

Sales Assistant

Administration Assistant

Research Assistant